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Inspiration Posted on 27 okt, 2009 17:45

What is iBar ?

iBar is a system for the interactive design of any bar-counter. Integrated video-projectors can project any content on the milky bar-surface. The intelligent tracking system of iBar detects all objects touching the surface. This input is used to let the projected content interact dynamically with the movements on the counter. Objects can be illuminated at their position or virtual objects can be “touched” with the fingers.

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Trans Atlantic ‘tunnel’

Telepresence Posted on 27 okt, 2009 14:03

Deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean, forgotten for the best part of a century, lies a tunnel linking London and New York.

It was built on the whim of a Victorian inventor with the aim of linking two great cities and developing the kind of friendship that still exists today

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A table of two cities

Telepresence Posted on 27 okt, 2009 11:52

A table of two cities berører mange af de problemstillinger vi tumler med i Cafe Pantopia.

The Making of A Table of Two Cities from John Nussey on Vimeo.

Cafe Pantopia

Pantopia Posted on 27 okt, 2009 11:43

Så er der gang i den næste fase af Cafe Pantopia, hvor vi skal lave prototyper og finde ud af hvordan vi skaber nærvær på trods af afstand. The fun begins!!